A Prayer for Rebellious Teens

A rebellious teen can leave you feeling like you’re at your wit’s end.

It can be frustrating, discouraging, deeply hurtful, and scary. How did it come to this? you might wonder.

Here’s what you need to know.

There is a spiritual battle for America’s teens. They are the strength of our future and the hope for preserving our freedoms. And they are vulnerable.

When your teen pulls away and rebels against you, it might leave you feeling hurt and powerless. But you’re never without hope, and you’re never without help. God is beside you, waiting to help you and your teen during this challenging time.

If you’re facing parenting challenges with teen rebellion today, here is a prayer for rebellious teens you can pray in faith.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You are a good and faithful God. Thank You that You love me and my son/daughter. Father, I thank You for the privilege of being _____’s parent. You knew him/her before he/she was born. You knit my child together in the womb and have wonderful plans for his/her life.

Lord, You know the trials I have faced in watching my teen go against Your Word, rebelling against what is good and right and making poor and damaging choices. I ask today that You heal my heart and renew my strength to stand for my child in Jesus’ Name.

Your Word says You will pour out Your Spirit upon my children and Your blessing upon my descendants. So, I declare by faith that my child hears the voice of Your Spirit and the voice of strangers my teenager will not follow. 

I repent of any rebellion in my own life and ask You to forgive me. Please show me any areas of rebellion, so I can root them out of my life forever with Your help. 

I know the spirit of rebellion is not of You and has no right or place in my child. So, by the authority You have given me, through Christ Jesus, I command every wrong spirit, including the spirit of rebellion, to leave my child right now in the Name of Jesus. No weapon formed against ______ will prosper, I send angels to take charge over my child, I plead the blood of Jesus over _____, and I declare Psalm 91 protection over him/her. I break every stronghold right now in Jesus’ Name. 

And now, I thank and praise You that my child is respectful, confident, self-assured, and honors authority. My child is coming home from the distant land of the enemy and returning to You.

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