House of Hope is based in Orlando, Florida, with multiple locations across the country.

We provide Training Seminars and Workshops, which give a basic overview of  and preparation for starting a House of Hope.  The 9-step process for starting a House of Hope is reviewed in detail during the training.

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The Training Seminar fee includes on-campus accommodations at House of Hope Orlando for 3 nights, meals for each day and the Training Manual.

There is a 9-Phase Process/Pathway to Affiliation that a person would follow, taking him/her through requirements for each phase.  Following are the phases for Affiliation:

  1.  Prospect
  2.  Pre-Affiliate
  3.  Affiliate

Fervent prayer is the key element to the success of a House of Hope program, from the beginning of the process to infinity.  In addition, a strong support base and a strategic business plan are essential.

To become an affiliate, one must adequately satisfy the requirements in the Pathway to Affiliation, after which an Affiliated Organization Agreement, stating both benefits and requirements of affiliation, is contracted with NHOH.