Advanced Triage Counseling


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Advanced Triage Counseling is the must have handbook for counseling teens in crisis and their families.  Accident victims have an all too brief “golden hour” in which to receive emergency care from the EMT. Teens and families today need Christian crisis counselors to meet them in their “golden hour” using the 5 following techniques:

  1. Checking for a heartbeat-how is their spiritual pulse?
  2. Examining their wounds-what is going on that is causing the pain?
  3. Knowing their history-what’s in their past that needs to be dealt with?
  4. Performing Surgery-identifying and delivering them from the root of their problems?
  5. Physical therapy-what are the changes in behaviors and boundaries necessary to get healthy?

Whether you’re a trained counselor, youth pastor, youth worker, concerned parent or grandparent this powerful handbook will become your go-to reference book.