Unglued and Tattooed


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A guidebook for parents that will create countless opportunities to educate, provide awareness, and spread the message about the kind of world our teens are faced with today, Unglued and Tattooed addresses the following subjects:

  • What your teen considers “body art” and how to keep him/her from mutilation
  • The “coded message” your teen’s favorite television shows, music, or movies may be sending him/her.
  • How to prevent your teen from developing an eating disorder
  • How your relationship with your spouse affects your teen’s attitude towards others
  • What drugs your teen is exposed to, and how to recognize the telltale signs of drug use
  • How to help your teen make the right friends
  • How to steer your teen toward a more appropriate way of dressing
  • How to keep your teen away from Internet porn

Unglued and Tattooed gives all parents the practical advice on how to influence their kids’ behavior without losing them, and how to inspire and motivate them without alienating them. Unglued and Tattooed will give your teen and you a brighter future.