5 New Year’s Resolutions for Parents of Teens

1. Listen More and Talk Less

2. Unplug More

3. Aim for Five Family Dinners Per Week

4. Tune in More

  • The music your teen listens to. Music significantly impacts a teen’s mood and behavior. It can instill anger, rebellion and sexual promiscuity. Do you know what music your teen is listening to? Make it a point to know in 2024.
  • The company your teen keeps. First Corinthians 15:33 says, “bad company corrupts good character.” You could have the sweetest teen in the world, but if they get into the wrong crowd, everything will turn. Do you know who your teen is hanging out with? Find out. In 2024, you can set the rules for who your teen is spending the most time with.
  • The places your teen goes. Where does your teen go after school? Where do they go on Friday night? Do they have a curfew? Make it your business to know. You can install finder apps on their phones so you can know where your teen is at all times. It is a safety issue and a moral issue—and it’s okay for you to monitor their whereabouts. Most of the troubling things that happen to teens occur when they’re away from home. So in 2024, make it your business!

5. Attend Church Every Sunday

  • More likely to graduate high school and attend college.
  • Less likely to be sexually active at a young age.
  • Less likely to use drugs.
  • Less likely to suffer from depression.
  • Experiencing higher levels of happiness, a sense of purpose, of volunteering, and forgiveness of others.

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