House of Hope Gym Renovation Update

We have some great news to share!

During summer of 2022, after several major thunderstorms and a couple of hurricanes, House of Hope experienced significant damage to the gymnasium due to a plumbing pipe leak. The damage effected the drywall, workout area, and bathrooms, as well as flooring throughout the building.

Praise God no one was injured, and insurance will cover the cost of repairs. The road to renovation has been long and often delayed, but we are excited to share a renovation update!

As of June 2023, all the drywall in the entry has been replaced, as well as in the workout area and bathrooms. Repainting is underway and should be complete by the end of the summer. The flooring is being installed beginning this week, with plumbing replacement beginning in July.

The final step will include HVAC installation and the final round of painting.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed over this project. We are excited to see young people growing and developing self-confidence in this gym again soon!

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