Behind the Scenes at House of Hope

Much love and preparation go into receiving new troubled teens at House of Hope.

When a teenager arrives at House of Hope, they bring with them trauma, depression, behavioral, emotional, and often academic issues. Many times, parents have tried everything they know how to help their teen, but, like their son or daughter, have been left hopeless.

Romans 12:2 says you can “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” That’s what happens when teenagers come to House of Hope. They are fully immersed in the love of Christ, and the truth found in His Word until they experience emotional healing and transformation.

No devices. No smartphones. No negative outside influences. Instead, these teens are welcomed with open and loving arms into a safe place where they can learn to forgive, see themselves as God sees them, heal from their emotional wounds, and find hope again.

For approximately 10-14 months, these precious young people will live on campus, where they will be housed with five other teens and their “house parents,” who will invest in their lives tremendously through discipleship, wise counsel, education and life-skills training.

They memorize Psalm 91, among many other scriptures, and spend time learning and growing in the Lord in our chapel.

They’ll experience the blessing of a private, Christian education on our campus, with access to art classes, one-on-one tutoring, and sports programs. They also have free time to enjoy the game room, fishing by the lake and taking part in various off-campus activities.

Each teen receives private counseling sessions with one of our licensed counselors, allowing them to talk through the wounds they’ve experienced and learn how to heal. Their parents also receive weekly individual counseling and are required to participate in weekly parenting classes held on campus. Our goal is to restore teens to strong, healthy families.

This is just a sampling of the ministry that takes place on our beautiful 10-acre campus in Orlando, FL.  We hope you’ll visit us one day and see for yourself why hope lives here.

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