Our Story

After serving as a teacher for 15 years at a state juvenile detention center, Sara Trollinger watched troubled teens come and go with no lasting help to their hopeless situations.

Knowing there was more to be done through the healing power of Jesus, she sought the Lord in her early morning prayer time. That is when God spoke to her and called her to open House of Hope—a place to heal the hurts of teens through the teaching of Christian principles—to restore teenagers to their families and provide hope and healing to young people, parents, and their communities permanently!

For over 35 years, House of Hope has provided a place of healing and reconciliation to thousands of teenagers, and their families, across the country.

As a 501 (c)(3), House of Hope has operated completely on the financial support of those who believe in strengthening the next generation through the love of Christ.  Over the years, the support of public officials and celebrities, including President Ronald Reagan, Florida First Lady Casey Desantis, Candace Cameron Bure, Nicole C. Mullens, and many others, has catapulted House of Hope to the national spotlight.