Give the Gift of Hope this Christmas

This Christmas, we invite you to make a BIG difference in the lives of parents and teens everywhere! 

A Hope and Healing Initiative

Every day, calls come in from parents seeking guidance as they watch their teens struggle with the weight of the world today. At National House of Hope, we recognize that families need more than just a listening ear; they require tangible, practical support and education.

This holiday season, “Give the Gift of Hope” to parents and teens across America and help us provide the biblical resources that light the way for families.

Give the Gift of Hope

Total Goal: $75K

Help Us Launch Hope Counseling Centers

Partner with us in establishing Hope Counseling Centers, where professional Christian counseling becomes a Beacon of Hope for families in crisis.

Your generous donation will:

Total Goal: $30K

Empower Families with Biblical Parenting Resources

Help families around the globe learn to parent teens effectively for a strong, stable future generation. Your gift will ensure that parents have access to sound biblical teaching and effective parenting tips from accredited counselors and specialists from around the country.

By giving the gift of parenting resources, you will provide:

Total Goal: $25K

Hope Scholarships for Teens

House of Hope is a residential program for teens who need to be immersed in a positive, Christ-centered atmosphere for healing and restoration. When you provide a teen with a scholarship to House of Hope, you give a young person a new chance at finding and living a good life.

Your gift will provide a teen with the following:

Total Goal: $20K

Training and Development for HOH Affiliates

At National House of Hope, we believe in the continuous growth and empowerment of our affiliate leaders and staff. They are the cornerstone of the hope and support we provide. 

Your gift empowers our staff through: 

Stories of Impact

About National House of Hope

National House of Hope is founded to heal hearts, restore families and transform communities through the love of Jesus Christ. We provide training, resources and solutions to equip parents and leaders to help troubled teens and families overcome many of today’s destructive issues, such as cutting, abuse, addictions, social media, depression and much more.

Thank you for your gift of hope to teens and families across America.

Financial Integrity

House of Hope consistently receives high ratings for financial accountability and has been a trusted charity organization since 1985.