Feel lost in the maze of parenting teens?

Help is here! Listen in as accredited counselor Dwight Bain shares practical tips for raising great teens in today’s current culture. You’ll leave feeling supported and empowered!

Today is a tough time to be raising children.

We know that conversations on challenging topics can be hard to have when you don’t know how to navigate them, and we also make the mistake of assuming our children understand what the right thing is to do.

However, at National House of Hope, we know that with some help and guidance, we can equip you to navigate these challenging times with your teens in healthy ways.

Social Media
The rate of suicide in teenage girls has gone up 134% since the launch of Instagram.
Defining Responsibility
Raising a responsible teen is more than just common sense. It takes an extreme amount of intentionality.
Modeling Desired Behavior
If a parent is able to day “God is in Control,” their teen can do the same when they face touch situations with peers.

About Dwight Bain

Dwight Bain is an Author, Nationally Certified Counselor, Certified Leadership Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and former Family Law Mediator in clinical practice since he founded our counseling group in 1984.

Dwight is a senior trainer in community crisis management credentialed by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation and the University of Maryland, which has allowed him to help rebuild stability after national disasters like the Columbine and Parkland School Shootings, Hurricane Katrina, the Orlando Pulse Terrorist Attack and the devastation in New York City after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 where he worked with a team helping first responders and survivors.

About House of Hope

Dealing with troubled teenagers can leave many families, schools, and churches feeling lost and hopeless. We provide parenting classes, training for youth leaders and counselors, and a network of Christ-centered residential programs for troubled teens, designed to bring healing and restoration to families across America.

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