House of Hope Gift Catalog

Give the Gift of Hope This Christmas!

This Christmas, we invite you to make a BIG difference in the life of a troubled teen. With so many options to choose from, let your heart guide you!

House of Hope Gift Catalog

One Counseling Session

Teens who enter House of Hope arrive with emotional and behavioral challenges due to trauma, abuse, bullying, or other troubling circumstances. When you provide teens and their families with much-needed professional counseling, you help them find healing and restoration and a true introduction to the healing power of Jesus Christ. Your gift will help teens and parents:

House of Hope Gift Catalog

Life Skills Classes

When struggling to heal from trauma and overcome deep wounds and insecurity, these teens most often have not been taught any of the basic life skills needed to succeed in everyday life. But when you provide teens with life skills classes, you help them develop self-confidence that leads to greater ability to become productive members of society and a deeper understanding of God’s plan for their lives. Your gift will help teens:

House of Hope Gift Catalog

Parenting Classes

Help families around the globe learn to parent teens effectively for a strong, stable future generation. Your gift will ensure that parents have access to sound biblical teaching and effective parenting tips from accredited counselors and specialists from around the country.
By giving the gift of parenting classes, you will help provide:

House of Hope Gift Catalog

Textbooks & Sports Programs

Teens who have faced trauma, attempted suicide, broken homes, cutting, and other challenges need a safe place for a physical outlet. When you provide troubled teens with physical education and sports programs, you give a young person the chance to work through emotional hurts and develop confidence and skills at the same time. Your gift will provide teens with the following:

House of Hope Gift Catalog

One Month Scholarship to House of Hope

House of Hope is a residential program for teens who need to be immersed in a positive, Christ-centered atmosphere for healing and restoration. When you provide a teen with a scholarship to House of Hope, you give a young person a new chance at finding and living a good life. Your gift will provide a teen with the following:

If you like to know that your gift will be applied where it is most needed, this option is for you.

Your gift will help us continue the invaluable work of bringing hope and healing to teens and restoration to families across America.
Thank you for making this a Merry Christmas for teens across America! These gifts will be distributed among all House of Hope locations. Financial Integrity House of Hope consistently receives high ratings for financial accountability and has been a trusted charity organization since 1985.